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Experience the Magic of Our 360 Degree Photo Booth

Take your event to the next level with our state-of-the-art 360 Degree Photo Booth! At 360 Bright Media, we specialize in transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Our 360 Degree Photo Booth captures every angle, creating dynamic, high-quality videos and photos that your guests will love.


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    Why Choose Our 360 Degree Photo Booth?

    1. Immersive Engagement

    Engage your guests like never before. The 360 Degree Photo Booth captures all the fun from every angle, allowing guests to create stunning 360-degree videos and photos. This immersive experience is perfect for creating memorable moments that can be instantly shared on social media, driving engagement and excitement at your event.

    2. Real-Time Interactions

    Our 360 Degree Photo Booth is designed for seamless integration with live events. Guests can enjoy real-time customisation options, from choosing different backgrounds to applying creative filters. The booth provides instant delivery of videos and photos via email or social media, ensuring that the fun continues long after the event is over.

    3. Personalisation and Inclusivity

    We understand the importance of capturing the unique essence of every individual. Our 360 Degree Photo Booth is equipped with advanced technology that adapts to diverse appearances, ensuring that everyone looks their best. Personalised filters and backgrounds allow guests to express their style and personality, making each capture a true reflection of themselves.

    4. Superior Quality

    Equipped with high-resolution cameras, our 360 Degree Photo Booth delivers crystal-clear videos and photos. The innovative design and advanced technology ensure that every detail is captured perfectly, providing guests with high-quality keepsakes that they can cherish forever.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our 360 Degree Photo Booth offers cutting-edge technology, high-quality captures, and unparalleled customisation options. Its immersive experience and real-time interactions make it the best choice for engaging your event attendees.

    The 360 phtobooth’s real-time customisation options and instant delivery of photos and videos make it ideal for live events. Guests can interact with the booth seamlessly, enjoying immediate access to their captures.

    Our advanced technology adapts to diverse appearances, providing personalised filters and backgrounds that reflect each individual’s style. This ensures that everyone looks their best and feels included.

    The 360 Degree Photo Booth uses multiple high-resolution cameras to capture every angle of the subject. This footage is then processed to create a dynamic, immersive video or photo that showcases the entire scene in stunning detail.

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