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Join the event entertainment revolution with our cutting-edge AR and VR games. Offer your guests an immersive gaming experience, driving engagement and ensuring event memorability. Take your event entertainment to the next level with the wide array of AR/VR games offered by 360 Bright Media.

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    Experience the Thrilling World of AR and VR Gaming with 360 Bright Media

    As the leading provider of AR and VR games, 360 Bright Media are compelled to offer only the best gaming platforms in the industry. We are constantly evolving and improving our platforms, giving us and our clients an edge over competitors. We are able to do this with the help of experienced and talented game designers & creators who have spent decades perfecting their craft.

    We have worked with a wide range of clients, providing personalised gaming platforms according to their event needs. This is well highlighted in our extensive portfolio. If you are looking for AR/VR games on rent for your events, reach out to us today!

    What Types Of Events Are Our AR/VR Games Suited For?
    • Trade Shows: As the majority of the visitors spend their time moving from one exhibition to another, AR/VR gaming setups provide a much-needed break of pace. Games like VR Cycling, VR Bowling, and VR Ice Skating offer engagement as well as entertainment, 
    • Conferences: While one might not associate formal events like conferences with VR games, organisers can incorporate games like VR Hot Air Balloon, 360 Photo Booth, and Digital Sling Shot to offer innovative avenues for entertainment to guests. 
    • Corporate Parties: Corporations are always on the lookout for new means to keep their employees happy and boost their morale. Well, what’s a better way to do so than an immersive and interactive gaming experience? Games such as VR football, VR cricket, VR boxing, and VR roller coaster offer the perfect environment for team-building and friendly competition among employees.
    • Conventions: Most of the convention attendees are either Gen Z or Millennials. This demographic often demands event organisers to bring out their best. Organising an subpar event, just won’t cut it, if you are planning to make it memorable. Incorporating highly engaging and immersive games like 360 Photobooth, VR football, and VR plank gives your event an it factor, enhancing the experience.
    AR-VR Games On Rent
    Virtual Reality Football
    VR Roller Coaster
    VR Roller Coaster
    Digital Sling Shot
    Digital Sling Shot
    VR skating
    VR Ice Skating
    Virtual Reality Cricket
    VR Hot Air Balloon
    VR Hot Air Balloon
    Beat Saber
    VR Beat Saber
    VR cycling
    VR Cycling
    Virtual Reality Boxing
    360 photobooth
    360 Photobooth
    VR Plank
    VR Plank
    VR bowling
    VR Bowling

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    360 Bright Media offers a diverse range of VR games for rent in Mumbai, including immersive experiences such as VR Cricket and heart-pounding adventures like VR Roller Coaster. Our catalog is regularly updated to provide the latest and most engaging VR content for your events. Whether you’re looking for sports simulations, thrilling rides, or interactive challenges, we have a variety of VR games to suit every preference and event theme.

    Yes, we have a curated selection of VR games specifically designed for events. To rent them, simply explore our event-friendly VR games section, choose the ones that suit your audience, and reach out to us. We’ll take care of the rest, from logistics to setup, ensuring a memorable experience for your event attendees.


    Absolutely. Our team comprises skilled VR game creators who specialize in custom game development. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or need guidance in conceptualizing a unique game, our experts will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

    Incorporating VR games into events adds an element of excitement and engagement. VR games provide a unique and memorable experience for participants, making your event stand out. They encourage interaction, foster team building, and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

    360 Bright Media stands out by offering a carefully curated selection of high-quality and immersive VR games. Our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, coupled with personalized service and hassle-free rentals, sets us apart in the realm of VR gaming for events.

    Renting games from 360 Bright Media is a straightforward process. After selecting your desired games, get in touch with us through the provided contact options. Our team will guide you through the rental process, including logistics, setup, and any additional support you may need for a seamless event experience.


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