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High-tech Solution For Event Planning And Organising!

Looking for a way to make your events easier to manage? Do it in style with our versatile robots. 360 Bright Media offers state-of-the-art robots customised to streamline a variety of events, from corporate gatherings to wedding ceremonies. Add a touch of innovation to make your events unforgettable!

robots for event

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    What Role Does Our Robots Play In Event Management?
    • Greeting Guests: A warm welcome goes a long way to keep the guests hooked. But appointing a person to greet every single person is tiresome for the person and a waste of resources. Our robots can automate this process by welcoming every guest with a polite greeting.
    • Giving Out Information: Our event robots can be programmed to provide information about the event, your brand, the talking points, etc. though their digital screen. This makes them the perfect tool for making an event engaging and easy to follow. 
    • Entertainment: Guests can answer quizzes, ask questions, take a picture, or even strike up a conversation with these robots. These fascinating devices can make your events unforgettable.
    Rent A Robot For Your Event From 360 Bright Media

    360 Bright Media is the premier provider of cutting-edge robots for events. From trade shows to product launches, we help you transform every event with robots. From planning the event to customising the robots, we are always by your side, assisting you in building your brand. 


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