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Elevate Brand Engagement with Our Next-Gen AI Photo Booth Experience

Harness the generative capabilities of AI photo booths for an unparalleled event experience! At 360 Bright Media, we are redefining what event entertainment means through interactive and highly customisable photo booths. Capture high-resolution photos, customised to have the filters and backgrounds of your choosing with the help of generative AI.


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    4 Reasons To Choose Our AI Photo Booth For Your Event
    1. Engagement: 360 Bright Media’s AI photo booths offer you the latest avenue to drive engagement. It offers your guests a wide range of filters and backgrounds to choose from, providing seemingly endless entertainment and engaging. 
    2. Real-Time Interactions: Our AI photo booths are tailored to offer seamless integration with live events, adapting to their unique needs. From real-time customisation options to instant delivery of photos through mail, our AI photobooth ensures swift delivery and real-time engagement.
    3. Personalisation and Inclusivity: Our photo booths capture the essence of every person’s individuality. Every filter adapts to diverse races, ages, and backgrounds. This allows every person to see their authentic self in the style of their choosing.
    4. Quality: Our photo booths are equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture the best in you. Enhanced by generative AI, these images make you look like the star you are! Our image solutions are constantly evolving and improving, revolutionizing live event engagement with every iteration.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salient features like state-of-the-art generative AI, high-resolution images, customisation and personalisation make our AI photo booths the best choice for driving engagement with your event attendees. 

    Through the use of high-resolution cameras and advanced machine learning, our booths ensure every participant sees themselves authentically represented. This not only ensures diversity and representation but also puts your brand in a positive light.

    Our AI photo booths are tailored to offer real-time engagement and tackle the unique challenges of live event entertainment. From interactive touch screens and customisable filter options to online image delivery through mail, you can offer seemingly endless entertainment for your guest.

    The AI photo booth captures a series of user’s images and modifies them as per the filters and backgrounds chosen by the user while keeping their likeness. This photo is then sent to the user’s email that they had input at the start of the process.

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