Onground Activation

Step into the Future of Marketing with On Ground Activation by 360 Bright Media!

As marketing and advertising evolved from basic pamphlets and posters to social media ads, we take things a bit further. We welcome you to the future of marketing with On Ground Activation. Don’t just tell your audience about your brand, let them experience it!

Making Marketing Great Again!

On Ground Activation is a fresh and innovative way to launch and market products to a technologically savvy audience. We help you to combine the best practices of traditional marketing with the immersiveness and engagement of digital marketing. This not only helps your brand awareness but also helps to make your products and services memorable.  

How Our On Ground Activation Services Enhance Your Marketing Efforts?

On Ground Activation has the potential to revamp the entire outlook of marketing by incorporating innovative technologies and strategies. Our role is to help you plan and organise On Ground Activation events that captivate audiences and bring in more revenue for you. We don’t just aim to host a successful event but to see your marketing campaign succeed. 

We help you organise On Ground Activation in a plethera of public locations such as malls, airports, and museums, according to the ideal crowd for your brand. If you are planning to organise any in-person event, be it a product launche or awareness initiative, contact us today, we are always here to help.

Leveraging The Power of Storytelling

On Ground Activation utilises the art of storytelling by letting people experience all the luxuries of the products and services in person. People do not want to be told about your product, you need to sell a story. They want to be influenced or moved to subscribe to your service or product. On Ground Activation builds strong emotions that helps your audience resonate with your brand. Its not about the catchy slogans, its about the experince and memories that they’ll associate with your brand. It will move them to share their experience with others, thereby exploiting the golden marketing tool: word-of-the-mouth marketing.

Partner With 360 Bright Media For An Immersive, Innovative, And Exciting Brand Strategy!

If you are looking for someone to assist you in maximising event engagement, 360 Bright Media is the right choice for you! Through the years we have helped a wide range of businesses stand out in the crowd with modern and innovative technologies and strategies. We offer cutting-edge technologies like VR glasses on rent that you can incorporate with our On Ground Activation strategies to strategically showcase your products with brilliance.


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    Frequently Ask Question

    On Ground Activation is an innovative marketing approach that eliminates the flaws of traditional and digital marketing. Instead of relying on pamphlets or interactive digital ads, it allows consumers to experience products and services in person.

    On Ground Activation combines the best aspects of traditional and digital marketing, demanding creativity from campaign creators. It offers an interactive digital simulation during in-person events, making it a powerful marketing technique.

    In-person events, such as car launches, are ideal for On Ground Activation. Popular public locations like malls, airports, and museums, where quality audiences gather, provide excellent opportunities for these events.

    On Ground Activation lets people experience the luxuries of products and services firsthand, creating strong memories associated with the brand. Instead of just telling people about a product, it aims to influence and move them to subscribe, building a connection through experiential marketing.

    360 Bright Media is a technologically advanced marketing agency that strategically showcases products using techniques like On Ground Activation. They offer innovative approaches to highlight and promote products, leveraging their expertise in the dynamic field of marketing.

    Yes, On Ground Activation is highly customizable and adaptable to showcase a wide range of products and services. Campaign creators can tailor the experience to match the unique features and benefits of the offerings they want to promote.

    Yes, On Ground Activation can be effectively employed for both consumer and business-focused marketing. The interactive and experiential nature of this approach makes it versatile enough to engage diverse target audiences.


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