Onground Activation

On Ground Activation is a fresh and innovative way to launch and market products to a technologically savvy audience.  It has reached a new height by eliminating the flaws of Traditional marketing and the run-of-the-mill digital marketing. Today, instead of reading from a pamphlet or watching an interactive advertisement on a screen, consumers or businesses can experience the services in reality.

On Ground Activation is one of the most effective tools in a digital marketers toolkit. It has revamped the entire outlook of marketing, demanding more creativity from the campaign creators. On ground Activation somehow combines the best of traditional and digital marketing, successfully implementing a technique that works wonders. In-person events, such as a car launch, offer people an interactive digital simulation.  Popular public locations such as malls, airports, and museums are usually crowded with the quality audience ideal for On Ground Activation events.

On Ground Activation exploits the art of storytelling by letting people experience all the luxuries of the products and services in the present. People do not want to be told about your product.  They want to be influenced or moved to subscribe to your service or product.  On Ground Activation builds strong memories that they’ll associate with your brand. It will move them to share their experience with others, thereby exploiting the golden marketing tool: word-of-the-mouth marketing.

360 Bright Media, a flourishing technologically advanced marketing brand, is an agency that allows you to strategically showcase your products with brilliant techniques such as On Ground Activation.

Onground Activation

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