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    What Is Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

    Virtual reality (VR) is a fully immersive experience that allows the user to interact with different virtual worlds. The use of Virtual reality devices creates an immersive interactive environment for users. VR’s extraordinary immersive technology takes people on a journey while they are sitting on a couch, making them forget reality.

    Virtual reality technology is a gold mine of unleashed potential. We have uncovered so many applications, and it still shows a tremendous capacity for growth. We have all heard about how Virtual reality has revolutionized gaming, but it reached beyond gaming.

    Applications of Virtual Reality Technology

    VR has made a huge contribution to the healthcare industry. From mental health to physical therapy, it has enriched the quality of life. Effective use of Virtual Reality technology can help surgeons locate the tumor and run simulated surgery until they discover a secure way to remove it.

    Our advanced VR solutions can be configured using the latest technology. In the past, we have implemented such customized solutions for numerous industries, creating a safer environment on the whole. These solutions, designed to assist healthcare professionals, providing them a safe and risk-free environment to practice as well as train interns. Our solutions for VR therapies, Robotic Surgery, and remote diagnostics are amongst the most successful implementations. Apart from that, VR therapy has also had some success in treating phobias.

    With VR, a person can travel to the emerald valleys of Hawaii and experience the spirituality of hulas. A trip with VR could help keep the wanderlust in check and lead to a rise in productivity in all sectors. While it is not a teleportation device, no current technology can help you travel to the opposite corners of the earth on the same day.

    Our solutions will take your clients on an affordable journey from the safety of their homes. Imagine being able to explore an unreachable valley. VR can help you conquer fears, making you live a carefree life. Our VR solutions can also take you on a wildlife safari or help you rewind from the struggles of a workday, and this time you don’t even have to book tickets.

    VR is also an efficient tool for fine-tuning automobile designs, providing 3D crime scene photos in courtrooms, and enhancing the shopping experience by creating a virtual reality story. The immersive experience can be explored over a variety of sectors, but presently VR has proven to be a tremendous help to Automobile manufacturers and designers.

    Our job as a leading VR professional firm is to provide the automobile industry with high-tier services. We have done several VR activations and Test drives for first-grade organizations. Our portfolio highlights these projects, showcasing our capabilities to their full extent.

    There are numerous uses of Virtual reality. Our budding organization offers a truly immersive Virtual Reality Gaming experience in Mumbai.

    Virtual Reality Cricket

    The popularity of cricket in India remains uncontested, with Virtual reality cricket presenting cricket admirers and aspiring cricketers the opportunity of a lifetime. They get to play their beloved game irrespective of outside anomalies, such as weather conditions, ground, or gear availability. A user can create a team with family members regardless of their age. The team can compete and enjoy a phenomenal VR cricket experience in the top-rated virtual stadiums. The experience is further enriched by running commentary and cheering stadium audience. Cricket in virtual reality is a limitless immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts who rever the game. To get the best virtual reality cricket experience

    Fact: Cricket dominates all sports in India.

    Its popularity inspired us to provide the best virtual reality cricket experience. Virtual reality cricket opens doors for the cricket admirers and aspiring cricketers by presenting them the chance of a lifetime.

    • Users get to play their beloved game irrespective of outside anomalies, such as weather conditions, cricket field, or gear availability.
    • A user can create a team with family members regardless of their experience with the game, age, or gender.
    • The team can compete and enjoy a phenomenal VR cricket experience in the top-rated virtual stadiums.
    • The experience is further enriched by engaging commentary and cheering stadium audience.

    Cricket in virtual reality is a limitless immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts who revere the game. 360 Bright media provides users a unique opportunity to experience the best of VR cricket in Mumbai.

    VR technology might still be in its infancy, but that doesn’t limit its tremendous benefits. We have already seen practical applications of VR technology in the retail industry, starting with the high-profile VR showroom. The retail industry has seen quite a transformation, from the traditional retailing to online retailing and now to complete VR retail experience.

    At 360 Bright Media, we have created similar projects with maximum success. We have equipped some of our client’s retail shopping apps with the latest VR technology, which includes a list of extensive VR features that deliver the complete VR experience. We take our customized VR experiences a step further by providing seamless continuity across all media including, web, mobile, VR, and AR platforms.

    Out of all the sectors, Real-estate has reaped a large number of benefits from the booming VR technology. Its tourism potential, combined with its propensity towards lessening challenges and increasing sales, make VR a sought-after technology in the Real-estate industry.

    We understand how beneficial VR can be, from showcasing remotely owned properties to touring investments, being able to customize it can be a life-changing experience. Our customizable VR solutions have helped not only the architects and interior designers but their customers as well. The customers can provide visual requirements, making these design professionals’ life simpler.

    VR’s scope in the Education section is quite vast, from the training students to teaching medical interns to sew up a body, it has done the impossible. VR has finally presented the much-needed interactive learning experience, making it possible to create great environments. One such environment happens to be a virtual Zoo that will help children enjoy the zoo, identify these animals, and learn more about them.

    We can create such uniquely elaborate learning systems. Systems that use VR to simplify studying. We have never seen atoms with our naked eyes, but the VR tech has made it possible to conjure a life-sized replica. Our goal is to provide such VR solutions that’ll illuminate every person with the necessary knowledge.

    Events have come a long way since the ‘in-person’ event days. From having to visit a location to watch a live event online as a video, we have progressed further. Now we can all be present at the event, irrespective of what you are wearing or how you look. It will be like being present at the location, being able to experience everything.

    At 360 Bright Media, we provide innovative Events and Activations services that generate high-quality leads at a faster pace. It has come to our notice that providing VR freebies makes customers form positive associations with your brand. We design memorable events tailored to the client’s requirements, providing them with a high and measurable Return On Investments.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Fully-Immersive VR:

    You might have often heard about complete immersion or the fully immersive experience. Fully-Immersive VR is one of the most expensive VR technologies with total submersion into the virtual world. To be a part of the VR world, you’ll require the help of powerful computers and VR gear such as sensors, headset, and gloves. Often, we have managed to come up with affordable Fully-Immersive VR experience for our customers. We would also like to offer you the same: A complete VR experience at affordable rates.

    Semi-Immersive VR:

    The name itself gives you the meaning, semi-immersive VR that is a partial Virtual environment. It is a type of VR that combines both physical and virtual elements, for example, a car driving simulator. Or virtual Test drive, take a look at our portfolio for more information. In short, the car is a physical element that has been modified to give you the immersive experience of driving. Semi-immersive VR is a perfect tool for education and training and also a bit more affordable than fully-immersive VR.

    Non-Immersive VR:

    Non-Immersive VR experience is exactly that: You aren’t a part of this virtual world. Take video games, for example, Your characters are the ones that go on quests, win prizes, and they can be customized as well. But the entirety of it happens on a monitor screen. Your interactions with this VR world happens either through the computers, PlayStation, or Xbox, which terms it as a VR experience. To be more specific, it is known as the Non-Immersive VR experience.

    Virtual Reality has a huge scope that spans across a wide range of industries. Let our blog post about the Top 9 Industries For Virtual Reality convince you about its effectiveness. Virtual Reality has several uses, from training college students to staging real-estate property in VR. And that’s just a part of how VR has changed the world. If you wish to be better, you need to think better, and what’s better than VR? To find out how VR can help your business grow, send us an inquiry.

    Fully-Immersive VR can’t possibly work without the following hardware:

    • VR Headsets
    • Smartphone/Computer
    • Motions Sensors

    Now a smartphone, computer, or any machine that can create a digital environment is the first part of the equations. This digital environment can be turned into an immersive virtual reality experience by connecting VR headsets.

    The PC transfers images to the VR Headset, which is connected through a cable. Some VR headset such as Google Cardboard can allow a user to use the phone as a Display for the VR experience.

    Have you heard of the McDonald’s Happy goggles? No, then how about Google Cardboard Glasses, or better yet, Audi’s Virtual Test drive? These are some of the industry giants utilizing Virtual Reality technology as a marketing tool. There might come a time when you don’t need marketing to spread awareness about your brand, but until you do utilize the best technology that you can afford. For viewing 360 Bright media’s VR examples, check out our portfolio. You can also check out our blog that covers examples of how Virtual Reality has been used across nine different industries.

    Ideally, you would require a VR headset to become a part of the VR world. Next, a computer, mobile, or any machine that can create a digital environment. These two are usually connected through an HDMI cable, which transfers images from the digital environment to the VR Headsets.

    For additional mobility, you might need to set up a separate space for VR. It can get intense at times. All the wires lying around can be a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, you can get some VR sensors for additional mobility in the VR. If you aren’t ready to commit to purchasing the hardware, check out our VR for Rent technology

    Ever heard of the expression seeing is believing? Practical knowledge is held at a higher standard when compared to the theoretical one. VR presents this unique opportunity to learn things in a never-been-seen-before manner. Now, a student can learn by doing, rather than depending on the theory. Think of a medical student being able to practice surgery in VR before they do it in real life. It reduces errors and enhances the quality of life.

    Also, a student will pay better attention in the classroom when the content itself is so interactive. VR will make each lesson a memorable experience. Google Expedition is a stellar example of VR in practice. Students can go on virtual field trips to visit several different countries using this VR service.

    Additionally, any student facing the challenge of being far away from the teacher can be easily solved with Virtual reality. VR bridges the distance between the two.


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