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360 Bright Media has been giving the best Digital Experience to the consumers using advanced advertising technologies. We bring your brand alive with the help of user interface designs and innovative interactive technologies.

Augmented reality & Virtual reality

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is expanding in five core verticals which are Retail, Entertainment, Education Services, Publishing and Industrial. Along with marketing and gaming, AR & VR technology has been in use for almost everywhere including gaming, entertainment, government and even military. It has transformed the way people interact with the digital world.


The world of gaming has taken a completely new turn. The recent trend of augmented reality gaming has changed gaming used to be. This technology is one of the most prominent feature for game developers and designers today. These AR games can be played on smart phones and tablets by individuals.


People queuing up at malls, museums, public place, airports to be part of the experience of interactive events is a regular sight at promotional campaigns powered by 360 Bright Media.


With mobile getting smarter, the scope of it has multiplied. AR mobile apps are available on both Android and IOS devices. With this technology we make, 3D objects with live video on tablets and mobile phones. Large brands in India and abroad have been keen on increasing the user’s interaction with their product which in return helps them in maximizing sales.


An explainer video should lead the customer to a purchasing decision or to more in-depth information. Use explainer videos to engage your audience and differentiate your company from the competition We at 360 Bright Media have a professional team of animators, graphic artists, motion graphic artists, copywriters, project managers and a super pool of voice over artists from around the world.


We understand that our client needs maximum visibility during the event to get the utmost return on investment. An exhibition stand which is unique in nature stands out in crowd, starting from designing till the fabrication, we take care of all the segments and make your event the most memorable.

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About Us

360 Bright Media has been giving the best Digital Experience to the consumers using advanced advertising technologies. We bring your brand alive with the help of user interface designs and innovative interactive technologies.


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We are a group of young creative people who carry a vision of changing the dynamics of Advertisement Industry by providing practical yet cost effective creative solutions.

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Everything we do is always explained in a way you will understand, we call it the ‘360 Bright Media way’.

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