AI Photo Booths: What Makes Them So Engaging?

Auto-driven AI photo booths are the latest technology in the field of event engagement. AI photo booths are technologically advanced counterparts of traditional photo booths, harnessing the power of AI to personalise your audience’s experience. Photo booths have always been popular among event attendees, even before the introduction of AI. However, the engagement of AI photo booths is just on another level.

Engagement is one of the top KPIs that event managers like to track, and rightfully so. The more the people engage, the more they will remember the event, creating a buzz around the subject. So, what makes AI photo booths so engaging? That is the question we are going to answer today. But before we answer the question of today’s topic, we need to understand how AI is integrated with photo booths and how they work.

A] The Role Of AI In The Evolution Of Photo Booth

Traditional photo booths are pretty one-dimensional. You go in, press the snap button, and wait for the picture. There is nothing you can do about the quality of the photo or how you pose. In stark contrast to this, AI technology allows you to enhance your photo with its generative feature. You can choose the pose, filters, and background from various presets provided by the organiser. 

AI photo booths provide several features to enhance the user experience, from real-time photo enhancements to direct share to email. The ability to customise your photo based on your preference is a big factor contributing to the immersive experience. AI also plays an important part in suggesting this customisation depending on the person’s behaviour.

B] What Makes AI Photo Booths So Engaging For Event Audiences?

1. Generative Features

The inclusion of AI has provided several generative features for the photo booth. Unlike traditional photo booths which just click a picture, AI photo booths can add distinct backgrounds and change your appearance depending on the filter of your choosing. 

A simple headshot can be easily transformed into a professional headshot or a full-size image. You can alter your clothes, add props, and add text and logo. The ability to add or remove a wide range of elements with the generative capabilities of AI event technology is new and exciting for event attendees.

2. User-Friendly Interface

The majority of the trending AI photo booths have an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. They have a huge touch screen where everything is labelled using easy-to-read fonts and even pictures in some cases. You only require a few touches for your photo.

Even after you select your avatar and all the elements of your photo, you get 10 seconds of time to get ready with your pose and facial expression. You can see yourself on the screen and prepare for the photo. These small elements make the entire process extremely user-friendly.

3. Customisation And Personalisation

AI photo booths for events are so much more than your average photo-clicking attraction. With the advanced capabilities of AI, you can customise your photo with the expression and themes you want. You can choose to transform your generic photograph into a professional photo or even dress like a superhero. You can speak to your AI photo booth provider to help you create custom presets for your events.

Users can even customise and personalise based on their gender, further enhancing the personalised experience. Personalisation is amongst the most prominent trends in 2024. According to a report 71% of customers expect a personalised experience from a business. The level of customisation and personalisation provided by the AI photo booth leads to an engaging and immersive user experience.

4. Superior Image Quality

AI photo booths use high-quality cameras as opposed to outdated cameras of the traditional photo booths. This enables them to click high-resolution images. These high-quality modern cameras click visually appealing images.

In addition to the equipment, the AI also plays a vital role in the image quality. It can process and enhance the image in real-time, add filters, and remove any imperfections. The generative features also transform a simple image into a professionally clicked photo. A good-looking photo can impress your attendees and may even leave a positive impression on your brand.

5. Real-time Image Sharing

Traditional photo booths share the user’s photo in Polaroid. However, in this era of social media, being able to share your photo on your social media platforms is huge. AI photo booths let you do just that.

Before you click your photo or choose the filters, AI photo booths require you to enter your email. Once your photo is clicked, the AI photo booth shares the high-quality image with your email. You can download this photo on your phone and share it with your friends on social media.

6. Gamified Experience

Gamification is one of the most prominent trends across industries. Gamification refers to the addition of game elements to apps and software, making them extremely engaging and entertaining. Adding props and customising the filters and background to the photo can turn the process into a fun and engaging experience. 

Unlike the one-dimensional traditional photo booths, the generative capabilities of AI photo booths made them engaging. Users could spend almost 10 to 30 minutes customising their photos and clicking multiple photos with different filters and styles.

7. Captures Memories

This may not be exclusive to AI photo booths as the whole point of a photo booth is to click photos. Nonetheless, this is such an important aspect of making an event memorable, that it transcends eras. 

As mentioned above, AI photo booths capture high-quality images and even add customisable filters. Event attendees can click multiple photos of themselves with different filters, making the event fun. Looking back at those photos, attendees can experience nostalgia and associate the positive feeling with your event or the brand.


Maximising engagement and memorability of an event is one of the top priorities for event organisers. 360’s AI photo booths are one of the best tools for achieving this. Their user-friendly interface, generative capabilities, and immense customisation options, along with other features mentioned above make them extremely engaging and leave a lasting impression on the attendees. 

360 Bright Media offers several event engagement tools for rent, including AR and VR games for events, AI photo booths, and VR headsets. To rent an AI photo booth or any other gadgets and equipment for your next event, contact us today! We are always ready to help you maximise your event’s engagement.

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