Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Future Of Virtual Reality

1) Introduction

Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 represent significant advancements in mixed-reality headset technology, making them ideal options for VR services for events. Both headsets offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different user requirements. Event organizers can consider offering VR headset on rent with either Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3 to enhance the experience of their attendees with engaging VR games for events.

Apple Vision Pro is the first-ever leapfrog mixed-reality headset innovation from Apple, making it an attractive choice for VR services for events. It was introduced in the WWDC 2023 Devcon and aims to mix physical reality with the virtual world. Event attendees can immerse themselves in interactive VR games, adding a new dimension of excitement to the event.

Meta Quest 3, an advanced innovation from Meta in the Quest mixed reality headset range, is also an excellent option for VR services for events. With its high-resolution displays and precise motion controls, attendees can enjoy a seamless and immersive VR gaming experience at the event.

2) Design and Comfort

Apple Vision Pro

Apple consistently embraces sophisticated and refined designs for its devices, setting them apart in aesthetics and value. By prioritizing appearance, Apple products exude a unique charm that distinguishes them from the competition. 

Vision Pro has a modular ski-goggle-like design. The camera and sensor need to sense the real world. The custom aluminum alloy frame elegantly intertwines with the glass that comfortably fits the user’s face. The headband is a stretchy, 3D knitted fabric that can be changed at the user’s convenience. 

Meta Quest 3

Quest 3 is lightweight with a sleeker design than Quest 2. The Quest 3 introduces more streamlined touch-plus controllers, featuring a sleek and ergonomically optimized design. Unlike other headsets in the series, the Meta has no outer tracking rings. It helps to keep the device concise and utilize less space but more naturally.

Meta Quest 3 also comes up with true touch haptics. Additionally, the buyer can upgrade the device to fully self-tracked meta quest touch pro controllers for a high-end device-using experience. There is a camera array in the front view—one on the left and one on the right. These cameras facilitate high-quality color pass-through.

3) Display and Visual Quality

Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro has an outstanding UI design. Once you put on the headset, it will show you a digital layer with applications in your home environment. The elements shown have a 3D layering separation to make the view clear. 

The Micro OLED Technology is packed with 23 million pixels into two displays. Apple claims these displays can translate more than a 4k TV display for each eye. Custom catadioptric lenses ensure clarity.

Two amplified drivers on each audio pod to ensure a spatial audio experience. Further, it has an ‘Audio Ray Tracing, ‘which intelligently perceives your surroundings and provides a seamless and harmonious audio experience.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 integrates the highest resolution display and advanced pancake optics to enhance the quality of the visuals. Pancake lenses will provide a 40 percent sharper visual display compared to other headsets in the Quest series.

Quest 3 has a snapdragon chipset developed by Qualcomm technology. Three pill-shaped sensors/ cameras are placed on the front of the headset. A stretchable head strap can be adjusted at the user’s convenience. 

4) Tracking and Motion Controls

Apple Vision Pro

VisionOS, Apple’s inaugural spatial operating system, is exclusively designed to enhance the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, with its unique features and functionalities providing unparalleled performance and innovation. The spatial computer has an “optical ID”, which acts as an authentication system to give access to data. 

Apple Pro stands out by eliminating the need for additional controllers to operate the headset. It needs users’ hand, voice, and eye movements to operate. Users can navigate with their eyes, tap to select, flick to scroll, and use voice to dictate. IR cameras track eye movement, and downward-facing cameras follow the hand moves. Lidar sensors detect and track the positions of objects in real time, providing a heightened awareness of the surrounding environment.

Meta Quest 3

Quest 3, the most advanced mixed reality headset design expected from Meta, will be able to comprehend the surrounding physical world and naturally respond to the same. This helps the user to connect with the surrounding while using the device. Quest 3 owns precise motion controls. Hence the headset can understand hand movements and gestures.

The bottom of the headset has an extra button, and there is a wheel-like structure to adjust the IPD. This offers additional ease for motion controls compared to the previous headsets in the series. The face shields are redesigned to enhance the user’s tracking and motion control experience.

5) Content and App Ecosystem

Apple VisionPro

Vision Pro combines reality and digital canvas to form a three-dimensional space where users can interact. Every app will come before you when you put your apple vision pro. Users can open multiple applications together. Users will get the convenience of opening multiple applications together without interrupting the working of the other. Apple claims Vision Pro also has all the applications a user will see on iPhone and other devices of Apple.

Meta Quest 3

Quest 3 has over 500 VR games and applications. The brand is still planning to expand the content system further. Based on Meta, Quest 3 has an elaborated content system that can compete with any other headsets in the market. Meta is opening a vast experience to access data through Quest 3.

6) Price and Accessibility

Apple VisionPro

Apple took years of hard work and effort to develop Vision Pro. Advanced technology from brands like Apple is always costly. Vision Pro is expected to release for $3499 in the market. Based on data, it will release in the initial months of 2024 in the US.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta quest2 with 128 GB will start at 4499.99 USD. The brand is planning to offer additional space for users if needed. Meta is planned to launch in the market on September 2023.

7) Conclusion

Both Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 offer exceptional features and capabilities, making them suitable choices for VR services for events. With their sophisticated designs, immersive visual quality, advanced tracking and motion controls, and extensive app ecosystems, these headsets can elevate the event experience and engage attendees with thrilling VR games. Event organizers can consider offering VR headset on rent with either Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3 to enhance the excitement and enjoyment of their events.

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