5 Best Methods to Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Your Marketing Plan

PiperJaffray, one of the leading financial companies in the World, believes that by 2025 500 million Virtual Reality Headsets will be purchased.  Digi-Capital Ltd, a pioneer in the AR/VR/MR technology sector, has predicted VR to collect $30 million in revenue in 2020. A majority of the industry experts are optimistic about the growth of VR, with only a few thinking it might grow slowly.

These statistics should be an eyeopener for businesses that haven’t yet made use of what VR has to offer. There are numerous ways to incorporate VR or any supporting technology into their business model. But we are here to talk about adding it into the marketing plan, and how it can increase engagement through marketing.

There’s a 99% chance that you have thought of involving at least one of these methods in your marketing plan. Some might have been overlooked because of cost while others for their simplicity.

1. Make Your Very Own (Branded) Cardboard VR Glasses:

Idea Behind The Method:  Google Cardboard

Launched On 25th June 2014, Google Cardboard, an affordable VR headset, took the world by storm. Not only was the headset exceptional in its simplicity, but it also turned out to be cost-effective. Since its launch, several companies have incorporated the Google Cardboard’s design, whereas some have taken inspiration from the design branding it in their own image.

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You can purchase these pre-assembled versions or head over to the website. The same page also has detailed guidelines of best practices as well as a Manufacturer Kit that can be downloaded. It is one of the most cost-effective strategies that never fails.

You have to consider the costs of VR headsets such as Oculus and HTC: expensive as heck. So, these are not available to everyone. While people can get technology for rent, it is ideal for only some events and corporate functions. At the basic Level, Google Cardboard is one of the most fun Marketing ideas we have come across, and that’s why it works. It caters to not just audiences on all levels, from those who can afford as well as those who find it exciting.

2. Transform Your Packages Into VR Headset

Idea Behind The Method: McDonald’s

Remember that time in 2016 when McDonald rolled out their new Happy Goggles? These were Happy Meals Boxes that could be turned into VR goggles. Initially, it might seem like they follow quite the same concept as Google Carboard.

The fascinating part is how McDonald managed to create something which would otherwise have been considered trash.

This unique strategy of utilizing the Happy Meals boxes caught the attention of just about everyone.  Today, years later, we are yet to see such an affordable yet strategic marketing plan.

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Why haven’t we heard about more such endeavours? So far, kids are the only ones who have experienced the benefits of McDonald’s strategy.

Think how effective these would be as promotional gifts? Small Business Owners should invest in such Marketing strategies. They are affordable, will improve audience engagement, and will, in turn, bring in new leads. All this leading to a great ROI.

3.Create & Incorporate 360 Degree Videos

Idea Behind The Method: Incorporated By Best VR Industries

National Geographic tells us a tale about Lioness leaving pride for her cub’s survival. The story itself is engaging, but the added 360 Video effect turns it into a marvel. The panoramic view of every angle gives the viewer an in-depth look into the wild as well as keep them apprised of the story.

Many of you will discover numerous 360 videos on youtube, some mediocre, and some outstanding. Each has these consist of four arrow buttons that can help you navigate the 360-degree area of the Video. It is one way to experience VR content on the desktop.

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For a better navigation experience, you can watch it on your smartphones. There is no need for buttons here, you navigate through the entire 360-degree Video by moving your phone. For a fully immersive experience, you’ll need a VR headset. Once you put on the headset, you will start a life-changing journey. You will not just be a viewer, but a participant in this wild tale of survival.

To stress the importance of 360-degree Video,

we have brought you another National Geographic example. This time around, you’ll be going underwater.

Now, let us talk about how these create these videos and how you can shoot one. Shooting 360-degree videos requires professional 360 cameras such as Kodak pix pro SP360 and Samsung Gear 360.

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Only a rare few organizations can afford VR Gear. Those who do are also capable of hiring an in-house team to prepare these videos. That’s one approach. Others choose to hire a 360 Video Creator organization that can handle all the aspects of the VR video, turning their requirements into an immersive experience.

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4.Tantalize Your Customers With VR Games
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Idea Behind The Method: Incorporated By Best VR Industries

Gaming is one of the most prevalent industries in terms of Virtual Reality Technology. It has inspired several sectors to build programs and softwares that could help save lives as well as improve the quality of human life.  Beat Saber is the strongest contender in the VR Games sectors, while we might not suggest you build games of that level. Start with something smaller, less complicated, and relatable to your customers.

As a VR strategy, Games are a groundbreaking discovery. Suppose you own a Food Joint, and you need to increase customer engagement. Offer your clients a game. Set up a gaming arcade inside the joint: Customers can earn credit, which can save them a few bucks. Once a satisfied customer leaves your restaurant, he’ll be outside raving about your place’s decadence as well as pleasure. From word of mouth to leaving reviews, each of which is an effective method of gaining new customers.

For a live example: Think of how popular Tv shows and movie franchises are turned into a game. Their legend lives beyond the big screen and becomes part of daily life. Some are filled with nostalgia and head back to re-watch those.

5.Build A VR App to Boost Brand’s Visibility
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Idea Behind The Method: Idea: Incorporated By Best VR Industries

In one way, VR apps can either be an alternative for organizations that aren’t interested in VR Games as a marketing strategy. On the other hand, combining the two could provide better results. Some of these apps are available to the regular masses, whereas others can only experience it through proper VR glasses such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Head Over to any of the VR Apps sections online. On Viveport, you’ll find an array of selecting ranging from education to simulations to real-estate. We have shared a screenshot of real-estate apps on Viveport: a total of 56 results. As a real-estate organization that intends to win in the marketing war, you need to build an app better than these. Some of these apps are just showcasing samples of what their business can offer while others have functionality, which lets you explore two-story rooms.

Or you could decide to chuck all of these methods and go for the win like Ikea did with its Virtual Showroom. You could build a completely customizable solution, which will not just act as a marketing plan but might also turn into one of your services. Have a better idea to increase your engagement? Let us help you bring your plans to fruition.

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