5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Your Life For The Better.

Caught Any Pokemons Lately? Or Have you used a Snapchat Filter? Loreal Makeup has also climbed the rank of top AR softwares in online shopping. These might not sound like corporate solutions, but these are some of the most popular live examples at present.

Where these trendsetters were first to dip their toes into the waters of Augmented Reality (AR), others have followed and improved it. There are plenty of other AR examples in practice, but AR isn’t just about fun and games.

It spans over an extensive range of industries, from life-saving ones such as healthcare & Military to business oriented real-estate to home improvement sectors with furniture Ar apps.

We are here to talk about the current trends and how they affect the world and ultimately you. Some complex AR technologies might not yet be ready for consumers, but with AR tech, we have to keep in mind one thing: The best is always yet to come. The scope for improvement and development is vast. Before we talk about how Augmented Reality will change your life, here’s a sneak peek on how much Augmented Reality will be worth across the top industries.

Insights On How Industry Sectors Will Advance With Augmented Reality By The Year 2025:

It mustn’t come as a surprise that Video Games are on the top of this ladder as well.  Gaming is one of the sectors that remain prevalent with Technologies such as Augmented Reality, closely followed by Healthcare, Engineering, and Life Events.

In 2025 the Gaming industry, occupying the first position, is supposed to earn annual revenue of $11.5 Billion. Healthcare follows gaming with almost half of the revenue gaming will generate in 2025: $5.1 Billion.

The predictions may shed light on the revenue generated, but applications of Augmented Reality are innumerous and will continue to grow in the following years well into the decade.

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Graph Source: https://mobidev.biz/blog/augmented-reality-future-trends-2018-2020
1.Augmented Reality Combined With Artificial Intelligence:

Individually, both Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful tools. Combined, both AR and AI have the potential to achieve the impossible.  On its own, AI has successfully powered tools in some of the most prevalent industry sectors, from google’s traffic predictions to online plagiarism checkers to spam Email filters: it’s all AI at work.

Artificial Intelligence is distinguished by its ability to understand and track the 3D world. With proper use of the booming Artificial Intelligence technology, AR experiences can be made better. AI enhances AR by adding effects and features that make Augmented Reality more interactive.

To understand how brilliantly these two work together, let’s take a look at some game-changing examples: Think of combining speech recognition AI with AR effects that bring forth the mentioned object. For example, if you say ice-cream, a virtual ice-cream will appear in front of you. A live example of AI combined with AR is IKEA’s Place: It’s Image recognition and tracking. A still image of Ikea’s furniture is placed within a still image of your house, helping you shortlist a piece of furniture.

2.Rapid Growth Of Mobile AR Services & Applications:

With assistance from tools such as Google AR Core, AR ToolKit, Apple ARkit, Core ML, Vuforia, and TensorFlow Lite, the AR industry has been flourishing. But what does this mean for the future? Software and Applications Development is a constantly developing field, regularly churning out new and improved tools and languages to facilitate technological advancement.

Have you heard of Giphy? The top GIF free community that allows users from all walks of life to add personality to their life. Giphy World is an app that uses your camera to add Gifs to the world surrounding you. It has been providing users opportunities to create interactive content, which can be recorded.

Similarly, we have Housecraft, an app that can be used to complement Ikea’s furniture app. With Housecraft AR tools such as rulers, angles, level, and Trajectory, furniture planning has become effective. And then there is NightSky: Which allows you to identify stars, constellations, planets, and satellites. As one of their premium features, you can have a Solar system smack in the middle of your home. With features to zoom and explore, you can capture yourself exploring these planets.

3.Increased Efficiency & Decrease in Human Error In Healthcare Industry

We have seen the Healthcare Industry perform wonders in Reel-life: From movies to Tv shows, each has designed technologies that have helped a character survive. Augmented Reality has provided tools with which these mere ideas can be brought to life.

Imagine AR goggles, a pair of smart glasses that can relay all the necessary information to the doctors before they perform surgery. In this context alone, we can explore so many options. The doctor will have all the patient data on hand from the MRI reports to a Patient’s Body overlay. Physicians will be able to visualize the crux of the problem before they cut open a body. Imagine the lives it can save during emergency surgeries when the doctors have to make tough decisions. With AR technology, the doctors can identify the issues quicker, providing patients better chances of survival.

EchoPixel Offers healthcare professionals a Surgical Imaging Tool that can help them access patient-specific anatomy in an interactive Augmented Reality Environment. The Almost-Holographic view of organs allows doctors and physicians to treat these Augmented Reality elements as physical ones. These elements, such as organs, blood vessels, and other body structures, can be viewed in 3D, rotated, resized, and dissected.

Medical Realities is another platform that has contributed to the AR advancement in the Healthcare sector.

Proximie, another AR healthcare platform, provides Healthcare workers with advanced training.

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4.Enterprise-Solutions Powered With AR

When we think of Enterprise Applications of AR, we think of life before AR glasses and Life after AR glasses. Ar glasses work on similar principles that allow smartphones to incorporate AR functionalities. Where smartphones use screens, AR glasses make optimal use of the lenses.

Today these glasses are used to monitor health, access music, as well as activate smart assistants. Think of the future of these glasses, a future, where a working Marvel Edith watch won’t just be a TV gadget impossibility. But real gadgets Developed by Enterprise solution.

While we may not yet have AR glasses that resemble Peter Parker’s stunning pair of glasses, the current AR glasses, for example, Vuzix Blade: One of the top AR smart glasses, they have come pretty close. Apart from the bounty of features mentioned in the image, Vuzix Blade has wireless-wifi as well as UV protection lenses. Think of the advantages of such glasses in the Military. They can be used to distinguish the enemies from their friends. And as we have already seen in 3D imaging for healthcare.

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Image Credit: CinemaBlend.
5. Advancements In the Real-Estate & Home Improvements Sector

While Real-Estate and Home Improvements Sectors aren’t the most prevalent ones in terms of Augmented Reality, there are some massive benefits to be had. It bridges that gap of thousands of miles allowing prospective property buyers to view a property in 3D. An effective tool that saves time and uses which buyers can cover a number of properties in a single day, no matter the distance.

Realtor is an AR app, which follows the regular Ar app pattern.

When you point it to a house on sale, the app lists all the data regarding it on your smartphone.

There is much more to improve, and we are yet to experience what Augmented reality can offer in terms of home improvements. But think about Ikea Place, an app that fits most of the categories on this page. Another such as is Homecraft, which we have also seen. Both of these apps could work brilliantly together.

We have brought you a few other Home improvement examples:

AirMeasure: An effective Virtual Tape Measure

Magicplan: A construction Planning App


When you put together all the applications of these Augmented Reality tools, we all can agree on one thing. It doesn’t take one long to realize that we are just a few steps away from a world powered with Augmented Reality technology.

From fully-powered AR smart glasses to Apps that cover a vast spectrum instead of tiny features, we have come

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