AI Photo Booths : The Future of Event Entertainment

If you are in the events industry, you may have recently heard about AI Photo booths. Photo booths have always been a fun aspect of events. However, with the integration of AI and digitalisation, these photo-capturing machines have evolved into much more. AI Photo booths have brought several changes to how event planners look at Photo booths for event integration.

With the innovation and integration of AI in photo booth technology, these simple snapshot machines can do much more. With AI algorithms, generative capabilities, and immersive and interactive interfaces, AI Photo booths are set to alter the future of events entertainment. How so? We will find out in this blog! But before that, let’s start with a simple question.

A] What Are AI Photo Booths?

If you need to put it in simple words, AI photo booths are just traditional image capturing Photo booths with a high-tech twist. AI Photo booths capture digitalised photographs with high resolutions and have several generative features thanks to AI integration. The artificial intelligence technology used can digitally transform images in real time, create high-resolution backgrounds, add filters, and do much more.

This versatility makes them a perfect choice for various events, from small gatherings to corporate events. Unlike traditional Photo booths, AI Photo booths can add brand logos, brand colours, and event themes to the images. AI and machine learning also provide loads of analytic data and customisation for constant improvements in technology.

B] Benefits Of AI Photo booths For The Event Industry

1. Entertainment

AI in entertainment has already begun to drastically alter the landscape, this is no different for events. While Photo booths have always been part of events and expos for capturing memories and entertainment, AI photo booths bring out a new dimension of entertainment. AI photo booths allow eventgoers to not just capture high-quality images but also add various filters and dynamic and interactive elements like backgrounds, which can be customised. 

Guests can capture multiple images with various filters, backgrounds, and poses, providing superior engagement compared to traditional Photo booths. The most famous filters right now for AI Photo booths are superheroes and caricatures. This opens up several creative possibilities, allowing event organisers to create a highly engaging and entertaining atmosphere with a simple investment. These can create fascinating experiences for the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

2. Flexibility And Customisation

Customisation is one of the strongest assets of AI photo booths with its unparalleled flexibility and customisation options for event organisers. They can offer custom backdrops, filters, images, branding elements and props. These features make them a valuable addition to any event. Event organisers can customise these filters and backdrops to fit in with the theme of the event or their brand.

Brand placement and recognition are very much the focal points in corporate events, such as product launches, networking events, and expos. By incorporating the brand’s themes and logos with the pictures that your visitors click, you can ensure each visitor remembers your brand. The flexibility to change and adapt these filters and presets to fit a wide range of events, makes them more versatile than traditional photo booths, ensuring themselves as the future of events.

3. Branding and social networking

In today’s world, having a social media footprint is crucial for every brand. AI photo booths serve as a powerful tool for brands to improve their social media presence and branding. AI photo booths click and share the digital images directly to the user’s email, which they can share with their social networking platforms. 

As most of these images will have some form of logo or brand theme integrated with them, your brand will gain exposure when the visitors post the theme to their social media. Your event’s attendees become your brand ambassadors and their images become their endorsements.

4. Event Marketing

Certain types of events’s sole purpose is to market the organiser’s products, services, and brand. Incorporating AI photo booths for such events can contribute significantly to event marketing efforts. The built-in brand integration and shareable photos of the visitors make it a valuable marketing tool for organisers.

Creative AI-generated filters and personalisation ensure that your brand stays a talking point throughout the event and beyond. These can put a positive light on your products and/or services. This provides word-of-mouth publicity, which is extremely valuable for any brand. A report suggests that 88% of consumers trust word of mouth. The immense personalisation opportunities also help to create a meaningful connection with the audience. 

5. Generative AI

The most basic requirement of a photo booth installation at an event is engagement. This is where AI photo booths thrive. AI in events can transform a standard photo into professional headshots, animated cartoons, superhero portraits, contemporary art, and much more.

The generative capabilities of AI in events ensure their place for brand engagement and as an analytic and data collection tool. While there can be certain technological and ethical limitations to what they can generate, they can still do a lot more than traditional photo booths.

C] How To Incorporate AI Photo Booth For Your Next Event?

Incorporating an AI photo booth with your event is as simple as incorporating a traditional photo booth. You only need to find a designated place where people can easily access it and a safe electric connection. Make sure that the photo booth is kept in an open place and anchored securely.

You can rent an AI photo booth for your event by partnering with an AI photo booth provider, such as 360 Bright Media. They will also help you with customising the software according to your event themes and instruct you on how to operate the booth.


Event management is a dynamic industry that incorporates a wide range of new technologies including IoT, AR/VR, and now AI. 360’s AI photo booths are the latest tools in event planning and management for driving engagement and ensuring your event is memorable. They offer several benefits for the event organisers, including but not limited to branding, data analytics, and engagement.

If you are looking for more ways to make your event engaging, contact us today! 360 Bright Media offers state-of-the-art event engagement technology, including AR and VR games for events, AI photobooth, and VR headsets

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