How are AR & VR transforming the Gaming industry?

The Gaming Industry is always on the lookout for innovative ideas to appeal to their ultimate consumers, the gamers. The burgeoning technological advancement ensures that the industry is constantly filled with brilliant ideas. AR and VR are two such technologies that have already dominated the market, capturing the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike. 

The coming decade will prove how the talented minds of this generation can mould the technology to successfully achieve their goals. We are on the verge of discovering all that VR and AR have to offer the world. And it all started with an idea inspired by games. Let’s take a quick look at the first 3D game vs the AR/VR offerings of 2022.

The Evolution of 3D Gaming Experience:

Techradar gives us a timeline for the evolution of 3D Gaming. It began with the likes of Battlezone, the very first successful 3D game launched in 1980. 

A look at the following Battlezone clip by Squakenet, should give you an idea of the 3D experience during the 80s. 


While deeply satisfying and advanced for the time, the technology back then wasn’t evolved enough to add realistic elements to the mix.  

Fast forward a few decades, when 3D gaming has evolved to a completely different level. Consider Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider. Here’s a brief look at how realistic the game was in 2017. 

lara croft tomb raider

The overall look of the clip makes it seem like it is a video recording of an actual ship and person. However, these are all artfully created graphics that are near perfect. Such designs are commonplace in today’s gaming industry. They are pros at creating such 3D worlds. However, we haven’t yet advanced to a level where these gaming companies could transform such graphics into a virtual environment, allowing users to interact with them in a virtual environment.  

Close your eyes, and imagine the future. You are set to enter the world of Lara Croft, adopting her identity as the player of this game. Interacting with the game elements. This future is not far away. In 2022, VIrtual reality gamers can use the sensors to act as their hands that effectively interact with the world. 

That’s going to change. In a decade or so, we’ll be surprised with the direction VR takes. We might move our lives to an unforeseen Virtual reality, only disconnecting to fulfil the body’s biological needs.  It will be the place to socialise and do business, gaming at the centre of it. 

AR Games that have enhanced gaming experience:

AR usually tends to focus on three types of games, virtual character games, multiplayer games, and real-time strategy games. We’ll see two of the most popular AR games that combine multiplayer and real-time strategy. 

Pokemon Go: 

pokemon go

Image Credit:  Pokemon Go Live

Pokemon Go was the very first instant the world saw the power of AR technology. The game was instantly a hit with the 90s crowd that grew up watching the show and had always wanted the chance to capture their own pokemon. While the fury has quieted down a bit, people still find the game entertaining. 

The success of Pokemon lit the flame of inspiration that continues to grow. Two years after the launch of Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive was released in 2018. 

Jurassic World Alive:

Jurassic world alive

Video Link

Remember the time when John Hammond invested in amber and brought back all the dangerous and extinct Jurassic species? Who would have thought that franchise would be so successful? The movie and the book it was based on have inspired many more such creations. However, its most notable contribution to the AR industry is the AR game: Jurassic World Alive.

Following in the footsteps of pokemon go, Jurrasic world alive allows users to capture their own dinosaurs. Players use their smartphones to find these dinosaurs in their neighbourhood and cities.

Jurassic world alive

Image Credit: Jurassic World Alive Twitter Account

Take a look at this second-generation T-Rex being menacing in the modern-day forest. Those who have seen Jurrasic World Dominion, the latest in the franchise, have already had a look at how our world would look with dinosaurs running free. Fortunately, this isn’t our reality. These are virtual creatures that can only be accessed through a phone screen, which overlays the image of dinosaurs in your real world. AR glasses would offer a much better and more realistic experience. 

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is another example of what AR games have to offer. However, despite being based on the franchise, the game doesn’t have realistic graphics. Pokemon Go and Jurrasic Work, on the other hand, offer better experiences. 

VR Games that have enhanced the gaming experience:

There are several types of VR games. The list includes racing games, shooting games, adventure games, horror games, and construction games. We’ll see two examples, one for a shooting game and the other for adventure.

Iron Man VR:

iron man vr

Image Credit: Imdb

A game targeted toward Marvel fans,  Iron Man VR, allows the player to step into the shoes of the snarky billionaire superhero of the Marvel universe. It is a single-player, virtual reality shooter game where the player can navigate the virtual game world and operate the weapons systems of the Iron man armour. It is an interactive game where the player’s character, iron man, interacts with other characters through several missions

When you pay close attention to the gameplay, you can notice how much it resembles Tony Stark’s armour. The VR simulation can also make the player feel as if they are flying in the suit, thereby going through the complete Iron Man VR experience. 

The Climb:

the climb

Image Credit: Wiki

One of the best parts about VR is that it covers a wide range of games, which means there’s something for everyone. The Climb is a special treat for adventure junkies and thrillseekers who want to experience rock climbing in environments such as the Alps, Canyon, and Bay. Players can scale these mountains without ever needing to travel to these locations. 

We have shared two popular examples of VR games. There are several others, such as Resident Evil and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, both inspired by popular movie franchises. One is set in an apocalyptic zombie world, while the other takes players to space. It sheds light on how far VR has come, how it has developed from a mere idea, from an impossibility to something within our grasp. 

What do AR and VR hold for the future?

The future of VR gaming may hold a more active lifestyle for the players. Unlike traditional gaming, where the players can sit in one place with their eyes on the screen, with VR, they have the opportunity to explore their VR environment. The sensors will move as they move their hands. 

Furthermore, it will also offer players better opportunities to interact and socialise. There are virtual gaming communities where gaming avatars can socialise. In future, this socialising will be more realistic, akin to real-world interactions. 

Augmented reality works in real-time, augmenting the reality to bring gamers creative solutions and opportunities to strategize. Games like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive show us how they can help people socialise and form communities. 

Developing new AR/VR games starts with a unique idea. 360 Bright Media is well-versed in the art of coming up with clever and one-of-a-kind game ideas that can benefit a business and become a sensation. Once we have an idea, the next step is to target a certain device, particularly headsets, controllers, or smartphones.  Then comes the graphics and design for the AR/VR game. Next, we focus on the AR/VR game development platform, following the complete development cycle.Our goal is to create games geared toward a particular audience, influencing them to participate and contribute to the community. 

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