Finding the Best VR Event Tech Company for Your Business Needs

If you don’t already know about VR event technology, then let us introduce you to this amazing advancement in the event industry. VR event technology refers to the use of virtual reality technology to create and improve the event experience, taking events to the next level. With VR even tech such as VR headsets, interactive displays, and numerous other digital accessories, you can create immersive experiences for the event attendees. 

But why should you consider VR events?

Because VR events offer you a unique new platform to engage your audience. VR events can also help you create memorable experiences that will help them remember your brand, a huge benefit when it comes to networking events. In addition, VR events also allow people from remote locations to participate and provide all attendees with a safe and controlled environment for their marketing efforts.

Our comprehensive guide was created with the purpose of helping you find the best event tech company for your business needs.  Our guide will delve into the importance of VR event tech, the key factors the business should consider while selecting a VR tech company and how to evaluate the companies to find the right range of VR services that fit your requirement.  

B] The Importance of Choosing the Right VR Event Tech Company

VR event tech can have a great impact on the success of an event. It can benefit the event and business in the following ways: 

  • Creates engaging, immersive, and memorable experiences.
  • Increases your business’s reach beyond that of the physical venue by allowing remote participation, which increases accessibility.
  • Provides insights on event attendees’ behaviour, such as the amount of time they spent in the virtual environments, the kind of activities they participate in, and the parts of the event that interested them the most. 
  • Offers real-time feedback collection methods such as VR surveys or polls, which can help you gauge the event attendees’ satisfaction levels.

You can use the behavioural and feedback data to create audience personas or segment the audience so that you can tailor your events to a specific segment of the audience. This can improve the overall experience for the attendees, preferences, and opinions. 

Now, depending on the VR tech company you’ll be using, you can also get data insights such as attendance numbers, engagement rate, and revenue. These metrics can help you measure the success of the event as well as create data-driven events in the future.

This is why you need to choose the right event tech company. You can partner with an experienced and reputed event tech company like 360 Bright Media, which can offer you more event tech benefits

that can help you plan and execute a successful event that aligns with your business goals.

C] Considerations When Choosing an VR Event Tech Company 

1. Types Of VR Event & Event Tech Requirements: 

When choosing a VR event tech company, it is necessary to consider the types of events and tech required for such events. While they all require a VR headset, a computer/mobile device, and a stable internet connection, each type requires a different VR world setup: 

  • For a virtual conference, you’ll need a virtual conference set-up. It can emulate a traditional setup but offer remote participation. 
  • For virtual trade shows, the company will need to have a technological platform that can effectively display 3D models of products and allow the attendees to participate in the product demos and interact with the company representatives. 
  • For virtual concerts, the event tech company should design a virtual concert module for live VR music performances. The module should also incorporate features such as crowd-surfing and stage-diving.
  • For virtual team-building events, the VR event tech company will have to build a VR platform that can help the team connect and bond through activities that can include team challenges and training activities, such as virtual escape rooms. 

You have to ensure that the VR tech company is capable of handling the technological requirements of the event you are planning.

2. VR Event Budget:

Your budget for the VR event is another essential factor to consider. Make a note of the event tech pricing details offered by the companies you have shortlisted. Choose a company that offers solutions that align with your tech requirements and budget.  Ensure that the company provides a clear breakdown of the costs and that there are no hidden costs. 

3. Size & Complexity Of VR Event:

You should remember that different VR event companies may specialise in different types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, concerts, product launches, and team-building sessions. So, you have to consider the factors such as the size and the complexity of the VR events.

If you have planned a large and complex event, you may require a company equipped with advanced VR technology and one that is capable of handling such large events. 

So, ensure that the VR event tech companies can handle advanced VR tech such as interactive simulations, 3D environments, and live streaming. Look for event companies that can handle both small and large-scale VR events.

5. VR Event Marketing Goals:

You should also factor in your marketing goals when selecting a VR tech company for your events. Consider the primary objectives of the event that you have planned. Are you planning a brand awareness event, a lead generation event, one focused on customer engagement, a thought leadership event, or a product or service launch?

Once you have narrowed down your objectives, you have to look for a company that can plan and create an event inline with your target marketing goals.

D] How to Evaluate VR Event Tech Companies 

1. Researching event tech companies online: 

With the large number of VR event tech companies out there, online research can help you narrow down and find an event company that best fits your needs. You can evaluate an event tech’s company’s reputation, expertise, and experience  with the help of online reviews, social media, and industry forums. 

You can also find out the event tech rates and services offered by each company, which will help you compare their offering against the services they provide and make a better and informed choice about which company you should partner with for your event needs. 

2. Reviewing portfolios, case studies, and client testimonials: 

Another step to evaluate the authenticity and expertise of a company is checking resources such as case studies, portfolios, and client testimonials. Each of these clearly gives us an idea of the projects the company has delivered, the results, and the client’s feedback on those projects.

  • With portfolios, you get a close-up look at all the success stories proudly displayed by the brand. They demonstrate the VR event tech company‘s capabilities. Explore 360 Bright Media’s portfolio, to understand what you should be looking for. 
  • With case studies, you can figure out the types of events the company has successfully planned. So, check if the case studies are relevant to your event goals, audience, and budget to learn if the company can help you achieve your event goals.
  • With client testimonials, you’ll be able to understand how the company works, its responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to meet client requirements.

3. Asking for recommendations from colleagues and industry experts:

This is where your professional network can help. You can ask your colleagues and industry experts to recommend you VR event tech companies that they have worked with in the past.  You can ask them the following questions to ascertain the company’s reliability, professionalism, and quality of work.

  • Can you recommend any VR event tech companies that you have had positive experiences with?
  • How reliable was the company in delivering on its promises?
  • Were they professional in their communication and conduct throughout the project?
  • How and what was the quality of work delivered by the company?
  • Were there any challenges that arose during the project, and how were they resolved?
  • Would you work with the company again in the future?
  • Is there anything else I should know about the company before considering them for my VR event?

4. Scheduling a consultation or demo with VR tech company:

Next step, should be scheduling an VR Event tech consultation or demo on the company that you have selected. For example, you can schedule a demo or consultation with 360 Bright media, a reputed event technology services provider, it will give you an opportunity to ask questions and have a chance to see their VR tech in action. Here is a list of potential questions that you can ask the event tech companies. 

  • What services do you offer and how do they align with my business needs?
  • What is your experience with events similar to the one we are planning?
  • What are your rates and how do they fit into my budget?
  • How do you approach event tech support and troubleshooting?
  • What is your track record for delivering successful events?

F] Making Your Decision and Moving Forward 

Since we have gone through everything you’ll require to make the decision, now it’s time to weigh the pros and cons of each company. Carefully consider all the factors, such as the marketing objectives, the budget, the types of events, and the size and complexity of the event.  Use these factors to evaluate the companies using the resources such as social media, online reviews, portfolios, and other options we have shared in our guide. 

By considering these factors and evaluating the companies, you can plan a successful VR event for your business. You can choose the comprehensive event technology solutions offered by 360 Bright Media and leverage their expertise to plan a successful event.

If you are interested in creating an unforgettable, engaging, and immersive VR experience for your next event, consider contacting 360 Bright Media, an emerging VR Event tech company.  

Ready to take your business to the next level? Don’t hesitate! Let the experts at 360 Bright Media help make your event a success.

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