A Guide To Choosing The Right VR Games For Your Events

If you are planning an event and looking for ways to maximise audience engagement and participation, one of the simplest ways to do so is the use of virtual games. By incorporating games into events, you can attract a large audience to connect and collaborate. There are several types of games to choose from and most games only work for a certain type of events and demographic. 

Choosing the right game for a specific event is crucial to ensure audience satisfaction. If you seek to learn about the different types of games for different types of events and which would suit best for your next event, follow along with this blog.

A] What Are VR Games For Events?

Virtual Reality gaming refers to the use of VR headsets to create a virtual environment for gaming. As games are naturally some of the most engaging forms of entertainment, they improve participation and improve the event experience. VR games for events can provide the same or similar sense of playing a real game to video games.

Event gamification can help you improve attendance and engagement. The psychological impact of event gamification is very intricate and shouldn’t be ignored. Games can add a sense of excitement and fun which helps to keep things fresh. 

B] VR Games To Choose From For Your Next Event

1. Virtual Reality Football: 

VR Football lets you immerse yourself in the world of fast-paced football matches. Event visitors can have a quick game of football without having to run and tire themselves. There is also no need to have an entire stadium booked for the game. For this game, players have VR motion devices on their hands and legs to mimic the action of running and kicking. 

2. Virtual Reality Cricket: 

As most people in India love cricket, the addition of a VR cricket game to your event would make it very exciting. With VR headsets and motion capture devices, players can find themselves, facing deliveries as a batsman or delivering the perfect ball as a bowler. You need to have a small dedicated space for this VR game at your event to offer the experience of a real cricket stadium.

3. Virtual Reality Boxing: 

With the help of VR headsets and gear, event managers can offer their visitors a chance to be boxing champions. Participants can throw punches, dodge opponents, and feel the intensity of the ring, creating a realistic and engaging boxing experience. This VR game integration service is great for attracting participants to try their skills.

4. VR Roller Coaster:

Not necessarily a game, but a VR roller coaster can be a very fun addition to your event. You can further gamify the VR roller coaster by seeing who can keep their heads straight after getting off the experience. With the advancements in technology, participants can feel every twist, turn, highs and lows of the ride, without even getting on one.

5. Digital Sling Shot: 


Launching projectiles and trying to hit the target is one of the coolest games ever! But that is not quite safe in a closed environment like an event venue. With Digital Sling Shot, event visitors can feel the thrill of this experience without the safety concerns. 

6. VR Ice Skating:

Ice Skating can be challenging for those doing it for the first time, However, with the help of VR gaming, you can offer your audience a scenic and graceful opportunity to do so. No physical ice rink or skating boots are required, just put on a VR headset and devices and you are ready to go.

7. VR Bowling:

Bring the entire bowling alley to your event venue with VR bowling. VR bowling provides the same experience as going to an actual bowling alley. The advanced technology enacts the physics of the sport in a virtual environment with accuracy. This immersive experience can help you attract a lot of visitors, both young and old.

8. VR Cycling:

For certain events where you would like to combine fitness and entertainment, you can go for VR cycling. This game transports the user into a virtual world with mesmerising sceneries that they can explore on a cycle. This game combines the safety and comfort of the indoor cycling experience with the excitement of a scenic ride through nature or a competitive race.

A good VR game paired with high-quality headsets can create fully immersive environments for the audience. You can book one of our custom VR game solutions for your next event and allow your audience to completely immerse themselves into a virtual world. 

C] Figuring Out Which Game Suits Your Event

  • Demography: Demography is a key element to consider when choosing a game for your event. Most Gen Z and millennials are young and athletic and are good with technology, so if that’s your target audience, you can go for something more active like football, cricket, cycling, or bowling. On the contrary, if your target audience is mostly older people, you should go for something simpler like a VR roller coaster or digital sling shot.
  • Interests And Hobbies: People gather at an event to discuss and share their interests and hobbies, so it is best to offer custom games that suit the themes. If you are holding an event or expo where most people like football or bowling, it won’t be a good idea to go for something else. When your audience is filling out the form for registration, asking questions about their hobbies and interests would give you this crucial information.
  • Tech Skills: As mentioned above, most youngsters are better at adapting to technology than their older counterparts, albeit with some exceptions. The games you choose for a highly tech-savvy audience will be different from an unskilled audience. If you have audiences with mixed tech skills, you can go for games that foster teamwork. 
  • Accessibility: Being considerate of your audience’s physical limitations and disabilities is very crucial. Having different types of VR games for events that even people with disabilities can enjoy will only add to your event’s goodwill.
  • Past Events: Your past events can be a great reference point for your next event. If you have ever incorporated VR games into your events, you simply need to backtrack on what worked the last time and what didn’t. However, as every event is different, you would required to also consider the above factors. 

D] Implementing VR Gaming In Your Events


Embracing VR gaming for your next event is a step towards the future of the industry. You can partner with a VR specialist to get VR game rentals for events. Renting VR games can be cost-effective and also lessens the burden on your shoulders to organise everything.

However, if you need a unique game for your event, you can contact a game developer. 360 Bright Media is one of the best VR game developers in India, who can help you with your next VR event.


Implementing games and game-like elements in events is undoubtedly a step towards the future. However, choosing the right game for a particular event is also as important. Use this guide to select VR games for events to maximise engagement and satisfaction from the visitors at your next event.

VR games are the latest technology that can be seamlessly integrated with business and non-business events. If you are looking for VR gaming equipment to rent or to create your custom VR game, feel free to contact us! We are always eager to help you.

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