Rise Of VR In Events: Is VR Enhancing The Events Industry?

Whether you are organising or participating in trade shows, concerts, business exhibitions, product launches or gaming events, the shift toward VR in events is real and happening right before our eyes. With exponential improvements in AR and VR technology, there is a newfound convenience and versatility of VR technology in events. As a result, they are becoming a norm rather than a new-age attraction. 

That being said, the impact of VR on event engagement and audience satisfaction can not be understated. The newfound applications of VR for different types of business and casual events have brought several improvements and ushered in a new age for the events industry. What are those applications, and how do they help the events industry? Follow along with this blog to learn more.

A] Popularity Of VR In Events In 2024 And Beyond

VR for events began to rise in popularity somewhere between mid to late 2010s. VR gained the attention of mainstream media when Sony and Google announced their VR projects in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Now after a decade of technological advancement, it is providing an immersive audience engagement solution to a number of industries and the events industry is at the forefront of it. 

Amidst this, several big-name corporations have opted to invest in VR event solutions. According to a report by the Academy of Animated Art, virtual reality headset sales are growing 31.9% year-over-year and most people think VR and Metaverse are exciting prospects. For any event organisers, adapting to the future is very crucial to stay ahead of the market.

B] Types Of Events That Use VR Solutions

1. Corporate Events

Corporate events such as product launches, annual meetings, and ceremonies can be time-consuming affairs. The addition of VR solutions to these events can make the event more fun and immersive. VR headsets can be used to create life-like images of products and data structures for interactive product demos, graphic diagrams, etc. This can not only improve the brand image in the minds of the attendees but make the event less jarring.

2. Networking Events

Networking events are very popular nowadays. Networking events are organised for several reasons from business networking to social meetings. In order to maximise their reach, several businesses have VR headsets in their booths that showcase their brands with unrivalled immesiveness. This can have high ROI and hence, more brands are opting for VR booths in networking events. The initial cost is also affordable if you choose to rent the tech from the best VR event platforms.

3. Gaming Events

VR gaming is very popular among teenagers and young adults alike. The use of AR and VR devices and software in gaming events can create immersive environments and an out-of-the-world gaming experience. Event organisers can place several VR gaming booths throughout the venue to make the event more engaging. Event organisers can find AR and VR games on rent or even partner with a game developer to get tailored VR gaming software.

4. Music Concert

VR concerts are a new form of entertainment that is possible due to the improvement in VR technology and are one of the rising future trends in virtual events. Music concerts can implement 360-degree VR graphics for advanced storytelling. This can create expansive and immersive virtual worlds that match the concert’s themes. In fact, the famous pop band Imagine Dragons hosted a concert which was aired using VR software. This Imagine Dragons 2017 VR concert was considered groundbreaking at the time of its release.

5. Business Exhibitions

Attending business exhibitions and trade shows can help an organisation boost their business network. However, several industries are unable to showcase the complete potential of their business model in physical meetings. Having a VR booth in this exhibition could possibly help such businesses showcase their business processes, machinery, and even intricate software.

6. College Events

VR technology can also be incorporated into college and university events and fests. Post-grad students can make use of VR technology to create intricate presentations and performances during inter-university fests. We understand that the technology can be expensive and may not be suited for a larger audience, but this can be implemented on a smaller scale for niche performance and presentations.

C] How are VR Solutions Enhancing The Event Experience?

VR for events are rapidly becoming more mainstream due to the improvements in availability and cost of VR headsets and software. One of the primary reasons why most people prefer VR events over non-VR events is their immersive experience. 

The benefits of VR in event management have also incentivised event organisers to switch to virtual mode whenever possible. If you are an event organiser looking to make your next event memorable, partner up with a virtual event experience services provider to get the best VR products and strategies.

D] How To Implement VR In Events Successfully?

The thought of planning a VR event can be daunting, especially when you are doing it for the first time. However, if you have the right tools and help from industry specialists, it can go as smoothly as planning a birthday party. To implement VR in your event successfully, you need to ensure your audience will be comfortable during the event.

You can start planning the VR event just like any other event. To rent VR headsets and software you can contact a VR technology provider. They can also help you in planning, organising, and managing your VR events successfully. 


As with the evolving technology in any field, VR technology is enhancing the experience of event attendees and organisers alike. VR technology has made events more engaging and immersive. Breaking boundaries has made it possible for attendees of all ages to feel included. VR technology can create vast virtual environments and visualise concepts in a much more graphic way. 

Even though VR for events has recently grown in popularity, they have taken over a significant portion of the events industry. If you are looking for a VR events company to help you organise your event and rent state-of-the-art VR tech, contact us today! From corporate events to gaming events and even concerts, our VR experts can help you organise a variety of events. 

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