Top 9 Industries For Virtual Reality

Reputed Sources such as and have published reports about the growth of VR worldwide. These reports are based on studies conducted on the consumer market for immersive technology worldwide. The reports predict a rising trend in the revenue generated through the VR technology in all industries. While VR is mostly associated with gaming and entertainment, it has applications beyond that. VR accompanied by AR (Augmented Reality) is gradually making strong headway in all markets worldwide. What was once a mere sci-fi story meant for the sole purpose of entertainment is now leading powerful industries to profits.

We are here to discuss VR’s impact on 9 top industries and their current real-life applications.

1. Virtual Reality in Retail Industry:

VR has boosted profits for the retail industry due to its usefulness in reality. It appeals to the customer’s need for interactive previews and tryouts, providing them exactly what they need. It has made Virtual shopping a highly successful venture.

Applications of VR In Retail:

  • Ikea’s VR Home Experience is an interactive showroom that helps customers visualize and configure furniture in high-def. At the same time, introduced it’s AR View, which allows users to place the products they select in their rooms. Ikea Place is an iPhone application that follows the same functionality.
  • Makeup brands such as Loreal and Maybelline have implemented AR for reselling websites and apps, where consumers can try on different shades through their smartphone’s front camera.
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2. VR in Healthcare And Medical Training:

VR’s resourcefulness has provided tremendous relief to the healthcare industry and medical training. Patients receive uncompromised care under VR functionality. VR Medical training reduces the chances of mistakes, resulting in fewer cases of negligence and malpractice.

Applications of VR In Healthcare:

  • Osso VR is a surgical training platform that enables doctors to perfect surgeries by practicing repetitively. It also provides an assessment and insights for the doctor in case there is a scope for improvement.
  • Neuro Rehab VR is one of the many physical therapy rehab centers that have successfully implemented VR for physical therapy. The VR exercises were designed with help from physical therapists and neurologists.
3. VR for Entertainment And Gaming:

Movies were the first to introduce the concept of VR to the worldwide audience. It started with the science fiction film  The Lawnmower Man but was put into the spotlight by the Matrix series. We have moved far beyond just the concept and now have Virtual reality cinemas that give us a fully immersive VR experience. VR has been most popular with the gaming industry.

Applications Of VR in Entertainment And Gaming:

  • Short Movies such as the horror film IT: Float, The Conjuring 2 VR experience, the animated film Invasion, and the nature film WILD – The Experience.
  • The popular VR Games are the lightsaber beat slashing game Beat Saber, A physics VR adventure Game Boneworks, and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.
4. VR for Marketing And Advertising:

A glimpse into the retail industry has shown us how it benefits through  VR. After gaming, the advertising and marketing industry is the largest industry to find VR applications on a large scale. Vr marketing has generated more quality leads and profits compared to other marketing methods.

Applications Of VR for Advertising and Marketing:

  • Giving away free VR headsets will always be one of the most popular strategies of VR marketing. McDonald’s sold Happy Meals Boxes for children. The boxes when folded turned into cardboard headset. The New York times also gave away Google Cardboard glasses to their most loyal customers.
  • Another popular application is Volvo’s and Audi’s Test Drive VR experience for places that do not have car showrooms or dealerships.
5. Virtual Reality for Education Industry:

VR has the potential to simplify education and speed up the learning process. It provides students with an immersive and interactive environment. They could understand a complex principle of physics by watching the principle work in VR.

Applications Of Virtual Reality In Education Industry:

  • The Google Expeditions allows students and teachers to experience the 360-degree videos and pictures on either phone or computer through a VR headset.
  • Youtube has an official Virtual Reality channel that allows users to experience VR videos as well as upload VR content.
6. VR in Sports Industry:

Similar to the gaming industry, the Sports industry has invested just as much in VR. VR assists Olympic players in training and getting better at their game. The players have also used the VR rehab apps when they have a setback after a trauma or injury.

Applications Of Virtual Reality In Sports:

  • With the FOX Sports VR sports enthusiasts can watch their games on a much closer level. A good VR headset would enhance the experience even more.
  • VR Gaming Applications that allow users to play Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, and Football. This immersive gaming can help the players improve their game by analyzing their gameplay
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7. Virtual Reality for Automotive Industry:

The Automotive Industry has made the most use of VR. They have reduced the cost of production and manual labor required to make expensive prototypes. Even the Aerospace industry follows the same principle. With the help of VR’s visualization, design, and behavior testing, automobile manufacturing has become more effective and safe.

Applications Of VR In Automotive Industry:

  • Toyota Safety Measurements VR highlights the dangers of unsafe driving by putting drivers through Virtual scenarios that are dangerous and should be avoided when they are driving vehicles in real life.
  • One of the leading car giants, Ford, has an immersion and innovation labs where they use VR to manufacture new car designs.
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8. Virtual Reality in Tourism Industry:

People ignore the urge to travel and stay at home following the same routine. Vr provides users a short reprieve from that hectic life. It could take a person on a journey into the wild or a historical place. The Tourism industry has implemented Vr in a manner where people can have a peek at the places to visit. The high definition VR simulations motivate people to visit the place in reality.

Applications Of Virtual Reality For Tourism:

  • The most well-known applications will always be Thomas Cook’s partnership with Samsung Gear VR. The VR experience featured various locations that people could try before flying there.
  • Another application is VR tours to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, The Louvre In Paris, and The British Museum.
9. VR in Real-Estate Industry:

VR has been a miraculous tool for architecture all over the world. Architects can play with different materials, layouts, and lightings. People can view the home’s as they are being designed or after they are built. The Virtual tour can help prospective buyers or renters configure the place. Since the implementation of VR, Sales in the Real-estate Industry have shot through the roof.

Applications Of VR In The Real-Estate industry:

  • Real Estate Agencies provide VR Tours of the homes for prospective buyers and renters so they can experience the place in VR to save time. People can view more than one property on the same day.
  • The agents can stage the property virtually based on the client’s tastes. Buyers can also choose VR to make modifications to the place.

Although these industries hold the top ranks, VR is revolutionary technology being implemented in each industry. With VR tech, one can create a VR meditation place or simulations for construction workers, which can save resources. Additionally, it can help experts refine their skills and learn new ones through various virtual workshops and simulations.

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