VR Events In Dubai: Immersive And Engaging Experience

Virtual reality (VR) creates an immersive life-like experience, artificially created using computer-generated graphics that can be experienced through special VR devices like glasses and headsets. Businesses across the world have embraced VR with open arms, and the event industry isn’t far behind. Virtual reality events leverage VR tech to imitate in-person events in a virtual world,  where people can communicate and interact with other event attendees. The life-like experience of socialising and the convenience of doing so from anywhere has contributed to the growing popularity of VR events.

Amidst this, Dubai has emerged as the hub of many interesting and intriguing VR experiences including best-in-class VR theme parks, engaging VR gaming arcades, VR-equipped science exhibitions and of course VR events. With this blog, we are going to understand the rise of VR events, their popularity in Dubai and more.

A] The Rise Of VR Events

VR event technology has changed the way people can interact with each other for the better. VR events are a step forward from the virtual Zoom Calls and Google Meets that grew in popularity during the pandemic. As VR technology becomes easily available and cost-effective to people around the world, VR events have become accessible to many.

The endless creative possibilities with which VR can organise and manage interactive events are pushing the boundaries of true immersive experiences. The VR industry is predicted to double in monetary terms by 2024. This is further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made VR events viable alternatives to physical gatherings. 

B] Dubai: A Hub For Immersive VR Experiences

The city of Dubai has a reputation for being a technologically advanced city which is quick to adopt and embrace emerging technologies and VR is no exception. The city has invested in various venues, theme parks, gaming centres and exhibitions and event spaces that incorporate state-of-the-art VR technology for an awe-inspiring ordeal.

Dubai’s commitment to offering engaging and immersive VR experiences to its citizens and tourists alike has positioned it as the leading destination for VR events. This has also helped Dubai’s tourism industry as many people visit to explore virtual versions of iconic landmarks and attractions using cutting-edge VR technology.

C] Popular VR Events In Dubai: The Beginning Of A VR Revolution

Listed below are some very popular VR projects and events in Dubai that were created with the aim to reach everyone in Dubai and beyond. Some of these projects either contribute to development of VR as a technology, while others are already set to use VR at events. The following list also features some sought after VR events that will change the way the event attendees look at the world.

1. The Bodyswap Project

The bodyswap project is a joint effort between DMU (De Montfort University) Dubai and Meta. DMU is looking forward to incorporating state-of-the-art VR technology in academia to enhance research and education and prepare students for their jobs. It aims to create a virtual immersive experience which would help academics learn soft skills such as communication, decision-making and empathy.

The bodyswap project uses VR technology in combination with educational storytelling to revolutionise the learning experience. It lets students completely immerse themselves in the subject to better learn and understand the topic. The VR hub at DMU allows academics to conduct research and experiment in a life-like simulation without any of the risks.

2. Dubai Metaverse Assembly

The Metaverse assembly is a global event involving over 300 global experts and 40 institutions meeting to discuss the Metaverse technologies and applications. It will be held on October 11th & 12th, 2023 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai as announced by the crown prince of Dubai in a tweet.

He further added that Metaverse is a promising digital space for enhancing life in the future. In the assembly, experts will discuss how VR can be used for communication, education and entertainment in the Metaverse.

3. Dubai Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is set to make VR technology a major part of their screenings. The introduction of a brand new section called ‘DIFFerent REALITY’ will house a section consisting of international virtual reality films. These films could be of various genres including fiction, documentary and animation.

DIFF will allow its audiences to experience immersive VR storytelling, meet VR creators and experience the latest technology from around the world. 

4. VR Gaming Festival

2023 will see the second edition of the Dubai Esports and games festival. It is five days of thrilling VR gaming activities and events. The GameExpo summit looks forward to connecting industry experts on AI, Web3, and the Metaverse for sharing their ideas. While the flagship GameExpo is a celebration of all things gaming.

VRGF also includes many exciting tournaments to win and earn bragging rights. Visitors can also part-take in a meet-and-greet and many educational programs to learn about the next generation of technology.

5. Play DXB – Dubai Mall VR Park

Play DXB is the world’s largest indoor VR park with multiple virtual reality and augmented games and rides across seven interactive zones. With the pass, you can enjoy various single-player and multiplayer games and rides for 4 hours. The Play DBX is located in Dubai Mall, near Burj Khalifa and is a fun place to visit for a virtual reality experience.

It is based on the idea of shared escapism which incorporates virtual reality games for people of all ages. It offers various experiences like adrenalin, horror, and tranquillity which lets everyone enjoy. 

D] How Do VR Event Attendees Benefit From These Events?

Are you interested in knowing how you as an event attendee would benefit from VR events in Dubai? Listed below are 4 tested benefits of attending VR events:

1. Learn About The Latest VR Trends

VR events are the perfect place to learn about the latest trend and developments in the VR industry. These events showcase the latest VR devices, the advancement in the quality of VR audio and video and first-hand experience of the latest VR software.

By attending these events, you can meet with VR experts and content creators to discuss the current state of technology and future trends. You can be a part of panel discussions, and listen to the experts give speeches, presentations and ideas. Attendees can use this information to adapt their business strategy, learn a new skill or even identify new business opportunities.

2. Network With Other VR Professionals

People from various industries and backgrounds attend the VR event. These events provide a golden opportunity to network with other professionals who are also intrigued by modern technology. Networking with other VR professionals from various industries allows you to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on potential projects.

Networking can be very valuable for any individual to build working relations and partnerships and learn from each other. It can surely help to boost innovation and development of technology. Meanwhile, various professionals like investors, creators, and developers collaborating can result in monetary gains for everyone.

3. Test Out New VR Headsets And Games

VR events are the best place to try out the latest VR devices like headsets and goggles and apps, software and games to try. You can try VR headsets of various brands and compare their comfort, quality, user interface and more.

Trying out various VR headsets, games and apps can also help you understand the current state of the technology and its potential. Software and hardware developers can learn about the technology and understand what features they might want to incorporate into their projects. Trying out the latest VR games and UI can also lead to many fresh ideas which can further advance the limits of VR technology.

4. Get Inspired By The Latest VR Experiences

Attending VR events exposes a person to many different ideas, technologies and experiences. These can include games, fictional movies, documentaries, simulations, educational backgrounds, and more. Seeing these vivid experiences first-hand can spark creative ideas and inspire many professionals and businesses to experiment on their own.

Such experiments can be crucial to the development of new VR technologies which could alter the course of VR technology. VR events can transform how a person thinks about VR technology and the future of augmented reality.

E] Virtual Reality for Corporate Events

Virtual reality allows corporations to host engaging and interactive corporate events virtually. These virtual events can include conferences, webinars, exhibitions, training, product launches and celebrations. VR technology will allow businesses to conduct business with clients and employees from around the world. Experiencing the capabilities of VR first-hand by attending VR events can help corporate decision-makers make more informed choices about incorporating VR. 

VR events will surely revolutionise the way people meet and communicate. With virtual reality in Dubai, a large number of people can take part in corporate events regardless of their location and distance. Many VR events have already been proven to enhance productivity and reduce the cost of in-person meetings. 

Explore further the capabilities of VR with our blog 6 Major Benefits of Virtual Reality for Businesses in Dubai.

F] VR Events For Entertainment And Gaming Enthusiasts

VR and AR gaming technology has evolved to create immersive gaming experiences for all ages alike. With the help of VR devices like VR headsets and controllers, players can find themselves inside the fictional worlds of a game. Game developers use these modern technologies which deliver impactful games experience. 

There have been various VR gaming centres developed in Dubai over the recent years, which incorporate the latest technologies. The virtual reality gaming experience in Dubai is a huge attraction due to the affordability and availability of the software and hardware. Various existing game venues have also gotten a VR update which allows more people to participate in the VR gaming experience.

G] Future Of VR Events In Dubai

With Dubai’s commitment to enriching lives by incorporating the latest technologies for an immersive experience, the future looks promising. Innovation and advancements seem to be at the forefront of incorporating VR technology for virtual gatherings.

With Dubai’s futuristic infrastructure, VR events utilise the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive and engaging events. With many professionals, developers and investors attending VR events in Dubai, the city has solidified its position as the leading destination for immersive VR experiences.


The innovations and advancements in VR technology have positioned VR events as an exciting new way of communicating and socialising. Attending the above VR events in Dubai is an effective way for corporates, developers, investors and enthusiasts to network, share ideas, and learn about VR. 

Other than business value, these VR events are very awe-inspiring with the immersive and captivating video-audio software. With VR an individual can be transported to any part of the world or even a fictional world while physically being in their comfort space. These are must-experience events for everyone at least once in their lifetime. Want to take part in such virtual events? Visit 360 bright media today to enjoy the best-in-class VR technology.

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