How Does AR And VR Event Technology Improve Engagement & Interaction?

In recent years, marketers have come to realise the value of exploring new and innovative event technologies, which include Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Since VR and AR tech are both immersive by nature, these amazing technologies provide event organisers with a unique way to enhance their attendee engagement and interaction. 

One thing that you have to note, AR and VR technology work with several other technologies to ensure that your event experience is immersive. It uses 3D animation and holograms to create an unforgettable immersive experience for the event attendees. In addition, the technology ensures that the AR and VR event attendees get to interact with the content in real-time, offering them a realistic and engaging experience. 

When you choose AR and VR events for your marketing goals, you sign up for increased attendee engagement, improved brand awareness, customised AR or VR experience, and a lot more, which we’ll discover in this informative guide. 

A] 360 Video & Photo Booth:

360 Video & Photo Booth

A 360 Video booth or photo booth offers a fun and engaging way to capture the interest of your guests.  A 360 video booth is equipped with a platform for a person to stand on and a rotating camera that captures them from every angle. This technology is designed to capture slow-motion pictures and videos of the person on the platform.

The event attendees can instantly share these pictures and videos through email or text, spreading the word about your unique event tech. Additionally, a 360 video booth will also attract members to your event stalls and keep them engaged. Lastly, a 360 video booth is guaranteed to be a hit with guests of all ages. 

B] Virtual Reality Games:

Virtual Reality Games

Businesses can leverage Virtual reality games to offer event attendees an immersive, interactive, and unforgettable gaming experience. 

What do the businesses stand to gain by investing in Virtual Reality Games?

By providing the attendees with a unique and memorable experience, Virtual reality can harness the following benefits for businesses: 

  • Increased attendee engagement
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction

How do Virtual Reality games work?

VR games are created by experienced VR game developers. These immersive games can be experienced with the help of VR equipment, such as VR headsets, controllers, and sensors, that create a realistic and interactive gaming environment for the events.  

If you already have VR games but need access to premium VR technology, then you should consider looking for Virtual Reality rental in Mumbai. Renting VR equipment can help you cut-down on your budget while you try this new technology for your event.

Successful Examples Of Virtual Reality Games in AR and VR Events:

Listed below are some immersive VR games created by 360 Bright Media, a reputed event tech company, that has helped businesses successfully enter the world of VR and leverage the technology to generate leads and achieve event goals.

In addition to these games 360 Bright Media has also designed and deployed VR games such as VR Football, VR boxing, and VR roller coaster. Each of these received a great appreciation and were able to improve engagement and interaction at the events.

The key takeaway here is that you can design a custom-made game for your event attendees, a game centred around your products and services, offering them a memorable experience. Which is why virtual games are one of the best uses of VR tech for events. 

C] Interactive Digital Slingshot:

Interactive Digital Slingshot

A digital slingshot is a digital version of a slingshot that utilises a compact device built like a slingshot and a screen to mimic the traditional slingshot.

These digital slingshots have become a common occurrence in today’s technology-literate crowd & are used in events, trade shows, and exhibitioners by the early adopters of this technology as a marketing tool. 

  • Digital slingshot can be paired with a game where the user can aim and shoot at targets in the game. 
  • Digital Slingshot can also be used as a unique way for the event attendees to leave feedback for your event,  trade fairs, or exhibitions. Instead of trying to avoid leaving feedback, attendees will be eager to try out the digital slingshot and share the experience as well.  

360 Bright Media Created a Digital slingshot for Thomas Cook for an event at BKC Bandra, an experience that had the attendees curious about the digital slingshot. Every business out there needs an advertising or marketing plus point that will make them stand out from the crowd. An interactive digital slingshot gives them that very opportunity to shine. 

D] Strip Photo Booth:

Similar to the 360 video booth, a strip photo booth can be a fun and engaging attraction for guests. Strip photo booths have recently made a comeback and are considered a novelty. They take 3-4 pictures of the guest in the booth in quick succession. The pictures are then printed on a photo strip, one under the other, making for great memories.

You can also add customised branded props that will be captured with these pictures. Most of these pictures will end up on social media, promoting your brand and spreading the word about the wonderful event tech experience. Event organisers can also invest in a green screen backdrop that can help the booth users customise the background, making the experience more engaging. 

E] Digital Caricature:

Digital caricature offers another opportunity that you can incorporate into an event. In recent years, digital caricatures have risen in popularity. A digital caricature creates a unique cartoonish character out of a person’s visage.  There are tons of Augmented reality filters that can help you create these digital caricatures for your event attendees. Or you can get an AR filter agency to create a custom digital caricature filter for your event. These filters could incorporate your branding elements as well. 

When you can set up a digital caricature booth at an event, all you have to do is spread the word about it. Curiosity and a desire to have their own caricature made will attract guests to your event booth. 

F] VR Webinars and Product Launches::

So far, we have discussed in-person events that incorporated AR and VR technology to boost attendee engagement and interaction. Now, we’ll be taking a look at events that are held virtually. 

Examples Of Total Virtual Reality Events: 

  • Webinars: Redington Intel Show webinar created and hosted by 360 Bright Media. You can similarly use these technologies to build an interactive webinar that can reach your event audience around all corners of the world. 
  • Product Launches: Take your product launches to the next level by hosting them in VR. Take a look at the VR launch of the Dfitzy fitness platform, it will give you an idea of what your attendees will be viewing from the comfort of their homes. 

In the same manner, you can hire a VR and AR Event Company to design and plan a perfect Virtual reality event that can improve your attendee experience, engagement, and interaction. 

Keep in mind, you can also combine virtual events with in-person events, allowing attendees from everywhere to join in.

G] Augmented Reality In Virtual Events:

Now that we have seen the role of Virtual reality technology in Event planning and audience engagement, let’s take a look at how augmented reality fares in the event industry. 

First and foremost, augmented reality can do wonders in new product launches or showcasing products in new and innovative ways. Consider, for example, the AR experiences featuring Western Digital 256 GB Phone memory card. 360 Bright Media created a neat overlay of the phone and a Western digital memory card. This overlay was laid over a real word computer desk and features a navigation guide for augmented experience.

Another example of this would be interactive book projections , which use AR technology to project the book’s content in the real-world environment. However, a person needs to use a camera and screen to see this projection.  These AR equipment are a necessity when it comes to experiencing AR at its best.

H] Agility Master/Batak Pro

Agility Master/Batak Pro

Agility Master/Batak Pro is a game designed to improve the player’s hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and agility. The game is equipped with light sensors, led lights, microcontrollers, a display, and the gaming software that powers the game. It can be incorporated into events that are looking for a unique and interactive activity for their attendees. It can act as a great icebreaker and use a competitive and team-building activity between event attendees. 

To recap, it can help the event attendees interact with each other and enhance their tech event experience.

I] RFID Registration

RFID registration uses radio frequency identification technology to register event attendees and track them. At an event, attendees can be given these RFID Tags, which can be either wristbands or badges, containing a small chip and antenna that can be tracked with the help of RFID readers. 

Why is RFID technology essential for events?

It can help event organisers keep track of traffic flow and attendance and gather data on attendees’ behaviour and preferences. 

How does it help improve event interaction and engagement?

  • It streamlines the check-in process, saving time and ensuring the attendees start interacting with the event sooner. 
  • Event organisers can create personalised experiences for the attendees with the help of data collected with RFID trackers.
  • The RFID devices can help the event attendees network better and make the experience more worthwhile.

G] Tips For Implementation Of AR And VR Events:

Listed below are some tips that you should consider for implementing AR and VR tech for your Events:

1. Plan For Adequate Space And Equipment:

AR and VR events require a significant amount of space, so ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the equipment, including headsets, sensors, cameras, and considerable space to operate the technology. This is especially important when your attendees are all going to be virtual. They’ll need to be informed about the VR setup they need to join the event. So make sure that you take all of this into consideration while planning the event.

2. Ensure Ease Of Use For Attendees:

Make sure your event attendees have all the information they require to navigate the new event style. You can set them up with budget-friendly cardboard VR goggles along with event invites that contain easy-to-follow guidelines on how to use the technology. If the event is going to be in-person but the presentation will occur in VR you can ask attendees to try out the technology in their designated areas before they actually join the event.

3. Test The Technology Before The Event:

It is crucial to test the technology that will be used in the VR and AR event before you actually use it. This could help you identify issues with the technology and rectify those issues before the actual VR or AR event.  The issues could be related to the hardware or the software, so it is essential to test not just the equipment but the VR experience you have created for the attendees as well.

4. Choose The Right Technology For Your Event:

There are many different types of AR and VR technologies available in the market. You’ll have to rely on expert help to decide which one would be suitable for your business’s current needs.  You should get in touch with a VR and AR expert to learn more about these event technologies and how they can help your business. 

F] Conclusion:

With its myriad of benefits for the events industry, AR and VR event technology is here to stay, and you can reap the numerous benefits it has to offer to improve your attendee engagement and interaction. 

With the continuously evolving technology, it is essential that we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, which includes AR and VR event technology. This, in turn, can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

So, if you are looking to enhance your events in order to improve engagement and attendee interaction, consider investing in AR and VR event technology, virtual events can help you perfectly showcase your products and services!

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